Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

Rise and Shine, peeps!!!ハート2

Hows ya day? I'm loving mine here.  I woke up pretty early like 6am in the morning just to get the Hotcakes at Mac Donald. Doesn't sounds like me huh? Last time was pretty unlucky for me cus they sold out. Seriously, I don't know that food at fast food restaurant will sold out. First time to hear that. Am I lame or what? >.<

Anyway, suddenly felt that it is a great day for me to camwhore. So I did. :) Sorry for too much camwhore pic but at least my blog won't look that boring. HAHA! Just a lame reason for me too camwhore even more next time =P

 Wish ya guys have a great day ahead.

ハート2うるうるMUCH LOVE from JaneeIsabellaColette

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