Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh-noo!! Lappie is dying...

Do any of you guys know, why laptop can suddenly lost its wireless function? Isit because of virus?

Ohgawd, It's giving me headache. Rushing my baby to be treated really cost me alot. The main problem is, daddy is scolding me for all this shyt cus my baby is just 2 years. It's not me who wanted it to spoil?! (Sometimes I wish it to be) Since repairing it cost half of the price when I first brought it so daddy finally agreed to get me a new one! YAY or NAY?

Sorry baby, I gotta leave you and get a new one. Thanks for serving me like 2 years plus but I am so excited getting my new love. I'm an Apple lover and ya'know Macbook cost a bomb, so I'm having trouble making up my mind, either Macbook or Toshiba?

SAVE ME by telling me you opinion.

Sudden urge to shop AGAIN!

Signing off


  1. Same with me but mine is worst than u.
    First is lost WiFi then overheating then died.
    I just used 1 year+ so no warranty :'(
    I remember we are using same lappy right?
    I heart Macbook also but u know the price..
    So I using desktop now
    I do really miss my lappyyyy

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah...we did use the same laptop so we have the same problem. =)but mine last longer. I guess hp is useless. Macbook cost a bomb but if we use long term i think it worth the price. Go convince your dad to get a new one =P