Friday, April 23, 2010

How I wish I could have it every single day

This is what I usually do when I have free time.Go through website to see whether there's any warehouse sales or things that are happening right now. I recommend you guys to check out this website (sadly, it's for singaporean and malaysian) Fyi, I am having holidays now and yes my exam just ended two days ago. Nice right? I know your are so friggin jealous of me right now. :)

The first thing I'll check for is the warehouse sales (aiya...girl ma so sales always attract me). I really go for that warehouse sale which is located at Amcorp mall, 3rd floor. It really attract me when the brands that participate are Versace, Gucci, Thomas Pink, Ted Baker, just to name a few. Well, it does seems like a REALLY attractive warehouse sale but guys don't ever go there cus I think the things there are FAKE! Like seriously how do he get the Gucci leather shoes? It's like impossible. I believe Gucci will never have warehouse sale, it's like dropping the brand image. Agree? It's rather disappointing but luckily I get to cheer myself with Subway. After this, I get really addicted to Subway. Mad yummy!

The next thing  I saw was the Starbucks ads. "ESPRESSO and CREAM FRAPPUCINO"- *starring at the ads for 5mins*. Ads are meant to be persuasive in an indirect way(nice way of saying it) but to me its more like tipu-ing you to go get it. That's what ads meant for right? Tipu-ing us consumer! LOLs...I'm the one who got tipu and seriously how could a coffee-lover like me could even resist the temptation?

I love love love ESPRESSO like no one does. :p
See the ads and you'll understand how I feel.


I know you wanna try it. Even Cleo said it was nice and taste like sugus. Taste it and you'll feel like the old times which is when you love sugus so much!?

Kinda sleepy now. Bye peepos! :) Have a great night and good night!γƒγƒΌγƒˆ

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