Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Customer is the King ?!

Sometimes I wonder why I am so busy with schedule, not like those important stuff to do but those unimportant ones. Maybe I should cut down on unhealthy activities like goes clubbing until late night or having supper with bunch of friends?! Yeah...I should!! It's easy for me to say it now and yes...I will forget it like after 2 hours?! LOL

Unplanned trip to Genting with bunch of friend. I was the only one left outside the casino as you know, I'm still YOUNG and they're like older than me. HAHA... That's one of the point I'm happy to be underage. Just let me be happy for another 9 months cus I'm soon-to-be 21 which makes me qualified to go into Casino. Not really thrilled!Since casino equals waste of money. (My perception) Nooo....my mmoney is just for clothes.

After I was ditch by them (not really tho), I headed to Starbuck. As always, I ordered Green Tea Latte (my fav) but sadly they took the wrong order which came out milk tea latte. I would said it was a really UNLUCKY day for me. This never happens to JaneeIsabella!  *cries*

Here it goes, I read bout a mag which written Customer is the King. The title itself already caught my eyes so I keep on reading. Here it is- sometimes I wonder why those salesgirl treat us customer like we are invisible or maybe showing us her annoying face? First, she didn't own the store. Second, we are the customer not that we're unable to pay. Third, shouldn't the customer have the rights? If one day, I have the courage I would have slap her or when I'm rich enough I can use coins to throw her. Cool?

It's been a long time I haven't post so this will be the first post for APRIL I guess.

Night peeps.<3

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