Thursday, March 25, 2010

It does look good on the surface

I'm starting a new semester.'s like a long long story ago and now I'm telling it. Hmmp...things have been keeping me busy, well, I mean college stuff such as pile of assignment and a weekly test! I know, SUCKY TO BE ME! Whoever sympathize for what I've been through , please raise your hand.

There's udang disebalik batu which is now hiding. I update my blog for a reason which is not entirely my new sem fault but I'm a lazy bum myself. In fact, when I saw people claimed to be a lousy blogger for not updating much, then I'll be motivated to update. WTF! =_____=

Who feels that my blog is too much talking which is kinda boring to be read or maybe I should add more pic than crapping all day long? I guess everyone is thinking what I'm thinking which is less talking, more pic! I shall post one pic, to end it. As now I have no idea what to blog, food? outing? or try recent activity?

I'm signing off here. Bye, peeps. <3

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