Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Devil's wear PLADA!

My devil's wear plada for one reason. It's because I'm not rich and I fugging don't have the money to afford a Prada! Sure you guys will wonder why don't I just save my money and get one in future right? Well,that doesn't work for me as I'm broke every month tho I didn't shop. FML

Hang out with Thong to Pavillion and Sg wang. Oww...I miss the days that I went to Pavillion so often like twice a week plus I'll get stuff most of the time. The greatest thing of being a girl is that we can shop like mad! WTF! 

Getting my baby new stuff. Plus am using back my Juicy charm! nyek nyek...
Looking evil like I do! LOL

I dunno what the hell I'm thinking when I took this photo. Random kut!? o.0

Good night,peeps
Signing off

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