Thursday, January 7, 2010

///E'pi Bdae//

Someone officially turned 20! Guess who is that?

Haha...stop guessing. Imma just tell ya the answer.
Deng...... deng...... deng......DENG!

Why should I sound so mysterious when the birthday girl is just ME!?*LaughOutLoud*

Well, It's never too late to wish me happy birthday ya know cus I'll still accept it tho am kinda sad for those who haven't wishes me.(Nah, just kidding!)

Some people are just so lucky that they can celebrate their birthday while FOR ME is a NO! Imma just conclude maself as the real unlucky person as you see the percentage of people getting chicken pox for second time is like 0.0000001!? But luckily the scar is not on ma whole face if not I'll need a PLASTIC SURGERY immediately.

As what I'm saying just now is that I'm a real unlucky kid. Not only the chicken pox thingy and also I can't celebrate ma birthday, not that I can't celebrate but in a way of not blowing a candle with a cake. Hell yes, you see it right. There's no mistake. 

See it now? How unlucky I'm.

Well, new year new resolution so ma resolution is always look at the bright side? *laughing*

Yea, that's it. No celebration means save cost, save time and not to waste our resources. Lighting a candle need oxygen to keep it burning right? I just saved our oxygen. *LaughOutLoud* ( To make maself feel better)

Anyway, Happy birthday to maself! One more year to go so that I can go into the casino.*evil grin*

Ohh...btw I should have ask a birthday pressie from dad and this is what i need just right.

It's never too late for a pressie! =D

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