Sunday, January 17, 2010

//I'm really SCARY!//

This will be a really short post, I promise! I know people doesn't even read what I'm crapping here, they just look at out pictures and then GOSSIP!? Maybe, well you never know cus I can't see who is reading my blog too. =D

Been chatting with RL. Didn't really know his real name cus he never tell and I never ask. Should ask him one day. Ya'know, why ask when people doesn't wanna tell you. Hope he'll never ever saw this post if not he will be on cloud nine? *LaughOutLoud* Joking here.

My friends always knew that Im OVER-confidence. I mean I might sound like one but just joking. Anyway, girl should always have confidence in themselves. If you never think hell great about yourself, why should others? Whoever disagree, you can stop reading it or can be a mean person leaving me bad comment (means that people really read my blog eh), I don't mind. Heh.

This is how a over-confidence self proclaim Hawt n ZC girl chat

Okay,it seems like I already scare him off.  I know it's really scary to force someone to say you're pretty and stuff but am just fooling around okay! DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUS! I don't wanna make people think I'm that crazy tho I am. Heh! :D

P.S: I'm feeling great cus i just finish 2 paper and another 4 more to go.

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