Monday, December 28, 2009

//Curl to the ly//

Again, the blogger is busy like hell. What keep me so busy huh? I cna't figure it out yet since all my test and assignment had done but I am still busy like hell. *pff* I ain't a good blogger you see. Neglecting my blog like ALWAYS!

Well, I should thanks my housemate,wai wai a.k.a wai square for teaching me how to take care my hair and how to tie it. You see, sometimes girls like to tie their hair differently as it is pretty boring to see your hair look the same everyday.Err...maybe it's just for me. Heh!

I think I found mine for now.

I love to see my hair curl. Maybe cus it looks sweet (gah...i know what you're thinking) =)

There's another thing that am quite happy bout. Guess what?
I get my mobile phone a cute tiny little chain. Total chio-ness! I need to thanks kiising for helping me to choose and change it for me using my gift card which was like a year ago.

Ready to look at my baby?


Aren't she pretty? Say yes! :D
My mood is damn good!=D

                                                                                  WithLove,                                                               JaneeIsabellaColette

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  1. Haha... Okay, yes it's pretty. Happy New Year! ;D