Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy as a Bee

The whole weekend was like meant to be for my assignment. Can you imagine that you feel like you're life already suck to the max and yet there's like tons of unfinished assignment or some even worse which I didn't even started it yet. Like usual, assignment comes with presentation so it's like making my life 10 times worse. I'm not good at presenting (force to admit) cus I nervous like mad and is so friggin obvious that the whole class saw it tho am presenting like more than my fingers could count.


The worse part for now is, I seems like can't make a single thing right. How could that supposed to be!? Nah...can't blame anyone, I'll just accept it as I believe things happen for a reason. Tho life seems to suck right now,I'll just have to take it as a challenge. =) Trying to think so positive that it didn't sounded like me.*LaughOutLoud*

People think I'm lost for some reason. First, not replying messages. Second, can't find me in Facebook(got TERMINATED!!) and third, didn't even act normal in class (being quite and sat alone)

I'm always the noisy one and now I prefer to sit alone, so that I'm far from everyone. Is not that I wanna be like that as I said before I can't stand it when someone beside me is faking. Not that she's faking towards me but to my other friends like praising them how pretty they was, how smart and stuff but backstabbing them before, telling me how much she hated them and ditch her like 24/7. Blah blah's like all crap. So ignoring those people like this as the same thing might happen to ourselves.

& people I told you that my facebook got hacked and yep now it got TERMINATED as well. All thanks to myself as I'm so smart stupid that I keep sending report to the facebook team so ended up getting my profile terminated. For the messaging thingy, sometimes I just left it silent so I didn't hear it or maybe I never even touch it for days. =D

Btw, i spotted some awesome poker set and dominoes from Juicy Couture. You guys should really check it out. I always wanted all those thing in pink cus it will be the prefect color for my collection. =D

Ooh....what you guys wanted to dress up for Christmas? For now, i didn't have any idea , could you guys please suggest me something? =)

Love always,

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