Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pretend and be cool

I have been missing for days or maybe weeks? I dunno...times just flew away so fast that I don't even realize.Ooh... reminding me of something now. Guess what!? Am gonna be a big girl soon with a number start with a two in front of my age. Well, well...seems like the blogger gonna be very old fast but know what life will be full of surprises and excitement when anyone reach the age of 20. I guess I'll have to go through it tho I don't wanna be old which I can't imagine wrinkles all around my pretty face. (oh...botox is useful!)

Going through a pretty rough week, seeing people around me changing into someone that I don't feel like chatting with em'. How can some people be so fake and pretend to be a really good real friend with you when they need you!? a normal thing that happened around us. Some people are born to be fakers. Can't really blame them. Not that I wanna sabotage you girls just that I've been noticing that you girls really trying to make yourself look Cheap!? Oops...just say it out.sorry! Just to wake you up before you found out it might be at your 30's!? I sound so mean but it's the fact. Can you imagine when you're asking them something and they pretend not to hear it but when guys fast they can transform into some sweet kitty-kitty. So sweet that shows how hugable and fuckable they're. And before that, trying to be a upper-class? Obviously not for you girl. Shop at forever21 (like once!?) and went to pavillion like every day, pretending is just faking and faking means you're just not one of em'. Since you can't even afford a piece of clothes from F21? I forget that it is too expensive for you. Too bad.

Now I know how mean can a girl(just apply to some girls) be but is better than backstabbing people. I just can't tolerate it anymore. I came to the best solution, that is ignoring those people and be happy. Why care when they're just nobody!? Maybe I am just persuading myself but in other way they're just no one for me to care of. People just come and go from our life, so the worst one is better to get rid of earlier than leaving it while it makes you so down at times.=)

Wokay....I better stop bitching bout people since it makes me look like a real one as well. Ughhhh....I hate that! Dammit.

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