Saturday, November 14, 2009

//A for appreciate//

So many things ran across my mind lately and I feel like avoiding all those problems. Maybe it is time for me to face it, not avoiding it anymore.


Is there really solution for every single problem?
If it is yes, then what if it is the wrong option for you to choose?
Face the consequences?
Life is like a maze and I'm so blind to find the way out. Just so blind!

I think I just lost contact with my bestie and feel that we are so far apart. I miss you guys*CryOutLoud*
B,Lau,Cubi and Thong....I desperately need to talk to you guys and tell you guys how much i miss you all and what you all have left out. I sounds so gay!*LaughOutLoud*

How I wish I could just teleport and (pooof) I'm in Kedah!
*Slaps* Wake up! I'm still dreaming.

Lotsa things I just couldn't express it in words. Wish some will just understand.
Eveyone has their own secret I guess.
What shan't be told, what shan't be spoke and what shan't be done. tired life is.

Life seems meaningless without the sparks.....
It comes and goes.
I lost it!
Just by a silly mistake of mine.
When will it come back!? or never will?
Forgive and forget? Doesn't seems to exist in the reality...
Should I just forget bout it?
Seems like the only option for now...

Appreciate what we have now before we lost it.
Still, it is such a long way for us...

Before i end...
This is how much(infinity) I miss you!
and my hand(obviously) is not that long.

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  1. I am like u now...tons of problems and dunno wat choice to make...