Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm getting holiday for a week...woohoo...
Not really happy though cus I'm having chicken pox...urghh...too bad for me right? Yea...I thought so! Now, I wanna tell you guys a secret....shh...I didn't even tell my parents bout it. *LaughOutLoud* So cool right? I wonder how my parents reaction will be when they get to know like after a week? Let's imagine it. =D

Sorry mum and dad...but I'm a big girl now. I wanna take care of myself. I'm just kidding la! Maybe this week ain't a week for me since I have presentation and test by today, so all thanks to the CHICKEN POX that I need to postpone everything to next week and I'll be having like 3 test and a presentation in a week. Feel so F up! Dammit! I understand why people hate to be sick. It's not bout the meds but when it happens at the wrong time you are DOOMED! Obviously, I'm doomed right now! Isit because I didn't celebrate Halloween so i get it? Hmmp...there's possibilities. I never have the luck to celebrate Halloween. Poor me!

I did something on that day...=)...something not really happy or proud of. Guess what? Jennifer's body on Halloween...sien right? Me think so too....lame

Gotta rest now...bye peeps!


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