Saturday, October 31, 2009


It will be a very short post. I promise since it's kinda like a emo post with all those scolding and bla bla know la...when you get so damn fucked up, you feel like saying all those vulgar words and keep on sabotaging that particular people and yes, now I feel that way. It will be much better when I post this and it will be the last post for you and you know who you're. Better read this carefully since it's a post for you and you'll be famous after that.Okay, I can't promise the famous thingy but it's for you...oww...such a good person I'm. WTF! I'm just joking man! Maybe I'm kinda mean to do all those but it's not important anymore since you don't really care and stuff.

You seems to know what I'm thinking or maybe you're just guessing. You keep things from me and it's kinda matter for that moment. Is not that I don't care cus I pretend that I don't. Maybe you just don't understand me that well. Should I thank god for giving me the chance to know you or should I regret? I'm kinda confused for some time. You're really smart at time cus you know the way...the way to... Sometimes i really wish that you can always be the other side of yours cus I'm having a great time. At the other hand, you can be very scary!? Like so fierce that makes me actually afraid of you.I never say this to you, I miss that moment but it's irrelevant anymore. Wanna know why I never tell you? Cus I know that time it gonna end since you're just playing!? I wish I was wrong but I guess I'm not.I'm the one to blame cus this is the path that i choose... Trust and believe is like a key to success relationship and I never had that in you. Know why? Cus you make me feel like you're so desperate like craving for it and i mean those with vagina.(sorry to be kinda rough) You know what I mean! Anyway, thanks for everything and I really do enjoy the time with you. Am happy that you move on cus that's what that help me to give up for dreaming to be with you again! Do thank me when you saw this cus I actually make you so famous!? Whatever,take care and move on with your "happy" life cus I'm too tired for all those thing.


P.S: Never care will always be the best. So, i gotta learned from my mistake.Wish me luck.

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