Monday, October 5, 2009


I had so much fun this week tho I miss cool party and not to mention the chic pop. I've wanted to go there cus' you know, maybe I can get cool stuff like vintage tee, awesome skirts and cool accessories.

Wee....finally I tried prawn fishing. Kinda awesome and patience is a must. Yea, I'm not the patience-kinda-person so is not surprise that I couldn't even fish one. I must say prawns are playful. They don't really bite your bait sometimes and they will be playing with it, pulling here and there. Luckily I just paid for an hour if not I'll be bored to death.

One of the malay guy is so generous that he actually gave me one. Just ONE! How stupid am I thinking of keeping it as a pet. I did success to force the prawn go into the bottle but unfortunately it died after an hour. So IT'S MY PET FOR AN HOUR! XD

When you saw your pet died what will you do? I say cook it! (sounds cruel)

No lah, not that I'm but it's just a prawn, of course you cook it since you can eat it. Why waste, right?*LaughOutLoud*

*Jeng~ Jeng~ Jeng~ Jeng~ *

Prawn just go well with steamboat. It's not my fault cus you're dead. I don't wanna waste your life for being a yummy prawn. Heh

Before I end, I gotta say that it's really fresh and yummy. I can feel the prawn swimming inside my stomach.WTF

With love,

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