Thursday, October 15, 2009

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I'm doomed officially! WTF x  infinity

Uhh...i hate today! Why? Why is this happening to me? I just feel like killing that bastard. He's just so not cool! Not cool dude! NOT COOL! Yea, I'm so unlucky that someone actually had hacked my facebook, hotmail and twitter. That bastard is smart enough to change my password. Who the fucking hell are you? Why you wanna hacked my Facebook and stuff to change all my password? That bastard out there, you better watch out and I mean it!

No use wasting my energy scolding some useless mad f**cker! Hmmp....I'm wondering why he wanna do that? Quite fun also la...someone wanna access(hacked, actually) my facebook pretend to be me, use my msn trying to flirt with guys? *LaughOutLoud* Who you are, I don't care anymore cus I might as well create a new one. Heh, you dumbass!

Now i realize one single thing, never ever use the same email! Woo...I'm smart now.So, peeps I'll open a new account and do add me. I'm just so lazy to add everyone again and I can't as well cus you know, all the contacts are at my email add. I can't friggin log in! A lesson for me to learn.*ROFLMAO*

"There's no way turning back time,might as well faced the fact and stop avoiding it cus you'll still faced it sooner or later."

Stay strong,babe! God bless!=)


P.S: Will update my tioman trip soon and also bout my nightmares.WTF

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