Sunday, September 27, 2009

//Change "A" to "I"//

Been planning to lose weight by playing badminton.=.=

I'm getting fatter! Ahh...why this happened to me?You know the most cruel thing that happens on a skinny person is getting FAT!( hah...I know I'm not skinny!) I hate to say that I've been gaining weight these days. You see I ate a lot like cakes, ice-cream, junk food and a lot more (can't even list out all). Sigh! I just keep eating and don't even feel full. That's why I'm upgrading myself from an elephant to a whale. WTF!

I'm tempted to order McD right now. Try to imagine the fries, nugget or maybe mcflurry in your mouth...yum yum!=D

Seriously, badminton doesn't even help cus after playing I'll treat myself with great food like char koey teow or fried chicken. All oily foods that contains gross trans fats which can make gain 5 pounds? Uhh....I don't even wanna think bout it.

Quite emo these days. The song "words are not enough" remind me of someone. Better slap me or maybe I should do something to keep me busy so I'll stop thinking bout it. I'm such a coward, not brave enough to tell you if you know what I'm trying to say. =(

Btw, should I stop using emoticon? Some idiot guys say it's too flirty. I don't see where "flirty" is. Emoticon is for us to express how we feel. Maybe those guys are just too crazy. Better to ignore them. time for McD.

McD never fails to make me happy. I'm lovin it!

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