Thursday, September 24, 2009

//Double V//

Cleo keep telling me bout the September issue making me so wanna watch it. Yea, it won't be screening at Malaysia. Quite sad bout it. How cool if I get to watch it in cinema or maybe buy a supa large screen LCD and watch it at home. heh. Great idea right?

The best part is I found someone that actually in love with fashion and really know bout fashion tho he's a guy he knows everything including Victoria secret (some girls didn't even know what's Victoria Secret *disappointed*) So is easy for me to keep myself update. Btw he's a good chatter as well. The most amazing part is he can even help girls to choose dress like a fashion consultant tho I'm not really sure bout his taste but he do know how to make up, stuff like this even a girl like me dunno how to make up and need his help. What a joke, right?

Ohh...I dunno really like make up but sometimes is a must so I'm force to learn. WTF

Can you imagine when you saw someone goes to club without make up? Yea,I tried before and I feel awkward like everyone is using and I'm the only one trying to be special going without anything not even mascara and fyi I never buy those stuff. To me is a waste of money I rather spend it on clothes. I guess I'm wrong for now at least now I'm awake. Heh

So, Plan 1
Save money(I guess it takes years) and buy mascara + eye-liner.

Plan 2
Increase the amount of clothes,shoes and bags

Plan 3
Lumix Lx3

These two movies are a-must-watch!

Valentino-The Last Emperor

The September issue

P.S: I need NYLON. ='(

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