Tuesday, September 22, 2009

//Girls day out//

Was the last paper for that day(friday). G and I plan like a week before to meet up with mun since she will be going back to US the next two days. Hah...we even plan during our exam week maybe that's the reason why we get supa great result.

G came out with this brilliant plan that I couldn't deny it was too brilliant till I hate it. Ughh...can you imagine yourself wearing cool tee and shorts at college? Hell no for me! Moreover we are going for exam not shopping. She insist that so I'll just have to bring my clothes to change since it is more convenience for us. It's friggin' heavy lah...paper plus clothes and flats.=(

In the exam hall, I was waiting for the clock to strike 12pm. So boring since we can't chat, can't vandalise the table, can't listen to music...ughh I can't even sleep cus I can't wait to shop. *LaughOutLoud*

The best place to meet up is always Pavillion. =D Agree? You should!

That's us camwhoring in the washroom. People was looking at us like we are some kind of crazy people maybe they're just jealous that we're so brave to camwhore in washroom for minutes. XD

G and Ms.Seah...sexy back!

The blogger and G

See...they are like stars...flash everywhere!

We girls really can camwhore. Don't believe?

And not to left out the most cantik picture on earth my blog..our kaki.

Spotted this yummy-looking cheese stick at Olive Tree so I try it and green tea cheese stick is a must try. It cost Rm3.50. I know it is not cheap but it's not expensive either. You guys should totally give it a try or you'll regret.

That's what I had for my dinner at Rain noodle.

Service was really great so do the ambience. I like when the waiter serve us with a smile is so hard to see these day. Usually they will be like us forcing them to serve. WTF!

Bye,Pavillion. I'm gonna miss you like mad since I'm going back. Sure I will.

With love,

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