Saturday, September 19, 2009





Yes, finally. If i keep repeating this word like a hundred times I guess you guys will feel like throwing chairs or maybe smack me!?*LaughOutLoud*

Finally(I just repeat it again), I finished my test and you can't imagine how much I had suffer through this horrible week. Really horrible since exam is torturing tho is not physically but mentally. There's student who loves exam and hate as well. I guess I'm in the HATE category( I know is kinda shhhh).

O...story time! Once upon a time...ahhh...cut that once I'm in the lift, overheard the girls conversation bout exam (I shall name them Girl A and Girl B) . This Girl A was telling Girl B how much she love exam since we have less time to college and exam was EASY(yea, note that- EASY). Girl B was quiet, I guess she was thinking the same thing as I am. I was actually thinking what she get for her CGPA and is she that smart? I memang tak boleh tahan when people trying to show off how smart they are tho they do it indirectly which is kinda directly. You know the indirectly but a bit directly way. I'm so thankful that I get off the lift first, if not something will happen like I'll suddenly burst out in laughter trying to tell her- you're joking right?

Yea, I'm back to blog. Sorry for neglecting you for weeks. =(

It's been a hectic week and i hate to admit that it's been a tough week as well. I need to spare some time for myself to enjoy (not really) at the same time I need to revise. Tired lah! Since it had past so I'll stop complaining in this post. You guys will feel bored if I continue...heh...who wanna read a long post? It's like words and words and words all over. I know when there's picture no one will read the post. Am i right? I know BINGO!

Anyway enjoy your holiday,peeps!

With love,

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