Tuesday, October 20, 2009


G invites me to come over her house for brunch.Yippie! You can't imagine how happy I was cus I get free brunch(joking).

She is a truly amazing girl. She  really care bout me. When things happened you really can see who really are your friend. So, I've seen and know.Lotsa things happen recently and that's one of the reason why I haven't update for such a long period.Sorry for that. =( Uhh...I gotta stop thinking bout it, if not this will be a long emo post.Heh!

I owe G's dad a sorry since he waited for me like half an hour at the LRT station. Sorrrrryyyy!

Curry mutton is my favorite.Mad love!

You see I gonna gain weight by this week.*big sigh* Those tempting cookies actually made me can't stop eating them.I even finished half jar! It's scary...

Munching, munching and munching!

The guys...

They enjoy watching hindi movie! See...how concentrate they are. Usually they're not like that in the class. *LaughOutLoud*

I told you....girls should have lotsa shoes. For example,

Do I look like chindian? =/

BTW,another taxi driver asked me- I'm not pure chinese right?Ughh... Next time I shall stick a note on my forehead- I'm malaysian and chinese!


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  1. You're not the only one. It sounds weird but people sometimes mistake me for Chinese-European/Chinese-American... Not that I'm complaining... ;) And haha, your expression in the last picture is priceless! :D