Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rush, rush and rush

Been through a hectic week so is time for me to blog again. Okay, I know what you're thinking. Not the lazy me anymore. Yep, you're right!

Although is kinda busy but then we still need to enjoy our life right? So, I don't even bother bout my assignment so when is time to pass up I'll definitely burn the midnight oil like always. Chill out with Cleo and of course, Fuckee! Never left her out cuz most of the time we stick together which make people think that we are lesbo. We ain't Lindsay and Saman! Is there any problem for two girls to hang out always? FYI,we're roommate of course we will be together most of the time even if we sleep. And does my face written I'm a HUGE FAN of GIRLS? So, stfu and go mind you're own stuff.

Having Bah Kut Teh early in the morning is always my thing. Really hope I get to do so every friday and I used to have this weird routine when I'm in kedah. Not really weird actually. After that headed to The Curve (my fav spot to chill). Btw, is not my idea is Cleo just for the Flea Market. Saturday and Sunday are always the best day to The Curve. The other great part of the Curve is Daiso. Haven't heard bout it? No way cuz you should. Is the greastest place I can say. Everything is Rm5 and is japanese product. This place is really amazing you can get partay stuff, nail polish, mask, shampoo, cat/dog food and etc. Note that, remember to count how much you spend cuz is too late when you reached the counter and realize how much you've spend at a everything-Rm5-shop. Stop! i got something. There's this cute thing that you won't even willing to eat it. Too cute to eat. Awww....

Cute ladybird

Sorry, i lost the url for this cupcake. No more cakes and yes to cupcake. Cute and special. IDEAL!

Phew~this can really be my longest blog post.

Next station, Pavillion. Damn, I'm freaking tired. Rush to three place a day? Ughh...not an option always except having a transport. Jeez...I hate this part. Why am I so unlucky? Myvi or Honda city is totally ok for me not to expect a ferrari(dream car) from dad. Dad, can't you see that your poor daughter is all alone at here having transport problem?One day I'll just ask some villian to crash all of the public transport so there's reason for dad to buy me a car. Dreaming, again!

Remember three brands to shop at Pavillion cuz the price is still reasonable for student like me.
First,forever21(there's always stuff to buy).
Second, Topshop(kate Moss)
Third, Zara(everyone love that even guys)

Poor me. If I'm flithy rich I'll just shop at Gucci, Chanel or Juicy Couture. Too sad, no Lv at Pavillion. Nevermind Starhill is so near. Somebody should really slap me. I dream a lot so that my brain can function. Bla~bla~bla~ crap!

Lil Jco's donut. More choices and tastier. You guys should really tried it out even though you gotta wait. Is worth the wait!

Pepper lunch.Delicious!I would rate it 5/5. Even xiaxue love it.

Sadly, I didn't even get to shop cuz we're rushing home. Whoom~whoom~ errr...forgot to say something. Bye, pavillion! There's always chance for me to come back. No worries. =D

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Hearts always,