Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Memories of ours

Geez...haven't told you guys my sis(Xi Cleo) is coming to KL this week.


Better than anything else. Cleo, I miss you damn much. So how much was it? Infinity! XD

Is kinda packed cuz I have roommate as you know and her stuff (clothes+accessories) is damn lot. More than you can ever imagine.*laugh out loud* So,adding one family member to our room is even worse.

Girls have hell lotsa things. Why har? They like to shop mah!

I'm not complaining so don't get it wrongly.
Just plain boring.=C

Guess what we did. Camwhore! weee....I'm totally into that thingy recently.Narcissistic? No way!

That's Cleo(Devil in Red) and Me(Honey Bunny). Aww...totally sweet.

Wee...anyone going to Hawaii? I'm joining....count me in!

Hmmp...we love each other don't we? I just miss her badly maybe cuz we far from each other. *sigh*

♥♥♥The three ____♥♥♥(just fill in the blanks)

Too much of accessories. I said that and i admit it. But then we just wanna fully utilized everything.

Trying to be as cheeky as possible. So, you saw that? NO? I think we made it a YES!

That's it for today. Gonna have my test tomorrow so wish me luck. Hearts you guys.


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