Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Girls day out...woohoo

Oh my gawd...this is it! This is it!

SALES! We girls just couldn't resist it! Who said that? Me! Agree?

Chill out with my fav girl, G and Fuckee at Pavillion! Teehee...that's my only choice cuz Pavillion is just like heaven. Love that!

Shop? I just got myself a belt,dress and tops! Alah...thought that sales gonna get hell lotsa stuff manatau sikit saja!

Having dinner at Lot10. Jackie chan's cafe an ideal place to chill. Trust me.

Camwhore moment!

G and fuckee! Wee...snap snap!

What pose is that? Just being random lah!

Mwah...the blogger!(up) Fuckee and JIC (down)

Just trying to be slutty sexy.LOL

Love the food. Love the ambience.

G's fish and chip!

Does it looks like chicken chop? Doubt that!

Chocolate brownie frappe and Caramel Frappe

Fried rice"seafood style"

I just have good memory.Why? I remember all the names...the secret is(shhh)

*yawn* So tired...gotta get my rest soon...night everyone!

Love always,
Janee Isabella Colette

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