Sunday, July 19, 2009


I love sleepwear.Seriously i do. That's the sexiest thing(for me).

Having sister at oversea ain't a bad thing either cuz you get lotsa stuff when they come back.I know Cleo love me much as you can see all the stuff she get for me and is just part of it. Some i kept it at my hometown due to the small space of my luggage bag. *sigh* Am planning to buy a new one and it must either be pink or red. Pink is so girlish but then red is so hawt. Hard to make up my mind. Still i prefer red more than pink.=D

Say Hello to them! Aren't they pretty? Hmmp...i love them.

Spot my monokini?

Shyt....why all my picture become like this after i upload? Can someone tell me?Arghhh....

Oops...almost forgot about my Marilyn monroe bathing set. That's gorgeous but i haven't take a picture of it yet. Will you even use it when you get something you like so much? Felt like framing everything so I can look at it everyday.

Just in case you miss the blogger! X) I know you does....


p.s:Got myself a new bikini at paperdoll.Geez....=)


  1. Why is your stuff do jumbled up?

  2. too many of em...impossible to take two or three in a pic...haha...that's the fastest way for me...LOL