Friday, June 12, 2009


Tools: Victim tee + scissors + itchy fingers + creative mind(is not important)

Revamping a tee which cost only Rm13 to create a whole new tee which could look fabulous on anyone of us. So,this is the tee which i bought from Thailand and looks uggly on me cuz of the cutting.

Say hello to victim!

What you'll need is just a pair of scissors and that's it.Chop! Chop! Fast and easy.The best length is above your bellybutton so it will look sexy.Something like this...

Tada~easy right?

You can wear it with black skinny jeans or Hot pant! Surely you'll look hot in it!

Try this at home! Have fun!

You can save your money and even create a whole new look. You doesn't want to wear the same tee always right? Surely you're bored of it.


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  1. Won't daddy mind? Still, it does look kinda' cute...