Saturday, June 13, 2009

Girls day out

It's kinda a late post.=)

Rushing to Pavillion so that we could help Fuckee to find the pants and shoes that she wanted for her practical .So good aren't we?

Msan, Fuckee and me had been going through almost all the shop but she doesn't like any of it. Is hard when you want to buy a supa nice OL pants(is almost impossible too). At last we got nothing. Sad for her.

That's what i wanted to recommend for every food lovers.But i forgot what it's call.LOL


A Thai restaurant.Spiccy spiccy hot hot!

Pictures show everything cuz I'm so lazy to type now.

This pink bottle cost me much(compare to genting) so see the price before you ordered anything.

Now answer me this!
What if your college have chocolate fondue? Weird right?

Agree with me now?

P/S:London, I seriously need you by now!


  1. Fondue?! I want! But too hot isn't it?

  2. Is weird for a college to have it dear....