Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Definitely feeling the fun last night!

Seriously I desperately need Pavillion to cure myself. What a disease!

Been thinking of Pavillion to grab a coffee from Starbuck or maybe a movie instead. That will be an amazing night for me. So it is like fated or somewhat then R text me asking me out. Great right? I love to kill time at Pavillion certainly the best choice like so relaxing. Wondering why there's people who dislike Pavillion.

R,you're late! You shouldn't go for Futsal. Anyway I forgive you for letting me to make the choice. It kinda scare me as what if he says "NO" and I would be dissapointe
d. Really! PAVILLION in big letters to show him how much I wanted to go there.Teehee...what a lame tactic I used.

Headed to Starbuck first then was chit-chating like crazy. I ordered drak berry mocha which i think is kinda too-sweet (prefers green tea latte). After that we went to watch I love you,man!
Hilarious but bored. The cute ones even sleep in the cinema and I was like WTF!? Then next time he better don't follow us. Hee...

I'm like vampire isit? Cuz I'm energetic at night. Better watch out as you maybe will be my next victim...buahahha...=)


  1. I love the Pavillion too! And seriously, there are people who hate the Pavillion?

  2. ya....seriously I'm still wondering why. Pavillion is like the perfection of all