Thursday, May 14, 2009

Which should i choose? Am i choosey?

By this time, i think i should get myself a brand new mobile phone as you see my mobile phone never last long. I don't know why. Maybe god knows why? Oh my gosh, I sound like a christian.Is it good or bad? Maybe is a good sign since my boyf is christian. Teehee

Okay,is time for me to stop crapping. Does 18 months a long period or short ones?

These few model are my favourite ones which also called evoked set.
I'll be listing em' and tell me which you like most:

-E71(why not?)
-Lg Prada II (perhaps)
-Juicy couture limited edition sidekick(is impossible so not counted XD)

Somebody should really help me to decide it since i love all of it. I will own all of em' when i'm rich. But for now is more than impossible and you know that.

3 more days then I'll be going to Hatyai. Show off to my friends.*evil grin*
Don't remind me that I'm evil.


  1. I know! I can make it easier for you! You can buy the iPhone for me and that would eliminate another choice from your list!

  2. Ok, you want the China product? Or the fake ones? LOL