Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random updates

Gosh,I haven't update my blog for I think 1 week (last update 14 May). Laziness in me always do happened. Am i forgiven? Yes, I think so.

Class Gathering

Met up with bunch of ex-classmates. Out of my expectation, more than 6 people turn up. Cuz as usual most of em' would rather stay at home than going to this so-not-impo
rtant gathering. As usual it would be around 6 or 7 people and mostly that when missing is the form six student which i so damn hate them for not coming when it is so hard for us to gather. But what for for hating em'?

When i saw this stranger sitting next to Ahmad i was like "Who was that? Why do he come to our gathering? Or do i know him?" when he start to say hi to me. Ahmad laughed like nobody business and i hate it cuz it makes me look like an idiot knowing nothing. Then

Somebody :"Guess la!Who is he?"
Me:" I don't know and i don't wanna guess."
Somebody:" He is our ex-classmate,you surely know one."
Ahmad:" Before that he sit in front of me."

Me:"(blur case) Don't know!"
Ahmad:"Sufi laaaa!"

At this moment,my mouth when "O". Know why? Totally different!Can you imagine that when your ex-classmate become more good-looking and thinner than before? He lose 20kg in one and a half year time.

A word: GENG!

To sufi,
you amazes me!


Everybody congrats me as i am no longer the "P" and i get my license officially.So freaking proud of myself although my driving skills still suck but who cares i already got my license. Since i got my license, i can laugh at the others who didn't get yet who is still the "L". Three of you is in my list:- Celine, G and Sunny! Hee,you too if not mistaken.*evil grin*

I am so going to show off right now!

Ma license and does it makes you goes ROFL?
my lucky 1026!

Because of my license my daddy kena saman. I pity him!*sobbing*

Sorry, daddy! But i know that you won't be angry at your lovely daughter.Teehee

In the mood of shopping

As always by this time i would want to shop. Weeks for me to not shop was like wanting me to die (mentally touturing me)!

So,what i do was watch GG for the whole day so that i won't think of Pavillion o
r The curve. Chekchek!

Lil Lily was gorgeous! But i still love Queen B most.You go girl!


My new Lover!That's HER!

Finally,mum promise to do a brand new spec for me.*on cloud nine* That's what da best if i went back hometown cuz somebody pay for me. Isn't that great? See, i lost my Him when i went to TGV not even a month. So whatever cuz now i am getting a new ones!

Name it "HAWT HER".

Actually is the same brand as HANDSOME HIM even the design but just the color. HER is in red, so damn cool right? Black makes me feel normal but red is special. Besides too many people wearing THE-BLACK-SPEC so i prefer something different.*wink*

Are you ready to meet HAWT HER?

Do you feel the HEAT?

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