Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy bday,cubi babe!♥

Cubi, since when i'm your friend? I think form 4. Ughh...i can't even remember.Okay,we just skipped that part.Anyway....

Happy bday, babe!

A picture of hers♥

No surprises! So sorry that it is kinda a dull bday celebration but i think she's still that happy as we the awesome foursome celebrate with her.

As she wish, we went to Xantana. That's where the tomyam i love much. I can still taste it with my taste bud. Now i am salivating like crazy. And here you goes "Ewww! Gross." right?

ZermingSiew, finally i saw you cuz at KL we never hang out. LOL

RolitaWong, how was my driving skill? I know it's so fantastic right? Proud of me!

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