Monday, May 25, 2009

Reasonable reason.♥

Here comes the lazy me AGAIN. I know i keep on repeating the same old word like a million times of how lazy i am and someone should've remind me. Duh!

New semester starts today. Officially. My life without college seems better cuz all my classes start at 8a.m and is too early for a person like me. They should've asked us before they arranged it. I know is impossible so am just crapping for fun.Ignore it!

I skipped my lecture for a week. Actually I'm kinda scare if the lecturer ask who is absent and why...bla...bla...bla. So, am gonna fully prepared with a freaking purrrfect reason for the just-in-case situation.

It will starts with "So sorry sir/mdm,...."

1.I can't get the bus ticket is fully booked.
2.Something happened so i delay.
3.Do you know that how far Kedah was to KL? 6 hours journey.
4.I am just so lazy recently.
5.I can't go back, my parents just need me by their side. They miss me a lot.
6.Too private to be told
7.There's never a reason. I just love to be at home.
8.To be honest, I'm broke that's why I don't wanna go back to KL.
9.I bought the wrong ticket, I thought is last sun but seems that I didn't see clearly. I'm blind(so that she sympathized)
10.I had a fight with my roommate and things doesn't work out as i wish so i stay at kedah for us to calm down.
11.I got kick out by my landlord.*sobbing* So,is kinda busy cuzi need to move everything.
12.Is it so? I thought is still holiday.Oh god, time flies.
13.My bestie just back from L.A so i celebrate for her.
14.Is non of your business.Hng! Even if i told ya, you won't understand as well.
15.Are you stalking me or what? If you ever asked me again, I'm so going to sue YOU. Note that!
16.I doesn't mean it. The bus left without me.
17.I just think that college without me would be better but it turns out to be a NO.*giggle*
18.but why do you care about me so much?
19.Somebody kidnapped me for a week.*whispering near ear* Is my mom and dad. Surprised!
20.I paid for you to stay outta my personal life and can you just zip your lips?Too noisy.

Please vote which you think is da best of all.

Love ya...


  1. Gosh, I can't decide between No. 9, No. 12 and No. 15, they're all so good! How about No. 15? Sueing people is all the rage these days. *Nods approvingly*

  2. High 5! I like no.15 but if i really do tell the lecturer like that i think i am so going to fail my coursework.haha. Lecturer mostly are evil.