Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So going to watch it !

O mm gee,Star Trek?

No question about it, I am so gonna watch it!

The first impression of Star Trek for me was it is specially made for nerd,geek and dork. And now what!? I wanna watch it so maybe i am just one of em'. The reason was

Zachary Quinto

Hmmp....since i watched Heroes(da tv series),my fav actor is always him besides chace crawford and wentworth miller(whoever i can think of by now). Did you even remember him? Or you just don't know who the hell is he?

Whatever! You just don't need to answer that. Anyway i bet that you would f**king love him.

There's him

He looks nerdy
Here comes the important ones

Da Trailer


  1. Hahaha... I bet you think Zachary is hot.

  2. This new Star Trek was AWESOME! I can go and watch again and again.

  3. Yep,he's but not just hot. He's purrfect. LOL =)