Friday, May 8, 2009

Diary of mine

Someone seriously need to slap me so that i am not that lazy anymore.

Can you imagine that i sleep after having my breakfast,lunch and even di
nner.Except eat and sleep, i do nothing. Today is excluded as you can see i am updating my blog.. Horray for me! I am no more the lazy one for just this one day.GREAT

There's tons of things i need to share with you guys.

30 April 2009

There's this huge warehouse sale at cineleisure starting from 30 April till 2 May 2009(11am to 9 pm). Brands that participate are pull and bears, zara and massimo dutti. Well you know,it's like once in a blue moon so it's not my fault that i went there and didn't revise my FOM. If I fail my FOM I get to re-sit but if I didn't go there I feel sorry for myself. I know you're thinking what kind of people i am right? Yep,this is the right time. I am gonna tell you that sale is always important than my studies. True, I am out of my mind.You can say that i am nut or anything you like. Blame whoever that made me become this MONSTER....ragh...!

Back to the point.

So,i was late that day. Is not that i wake up lately or dress up till i forget
about the time. It was my cousin,who came and pick me up at 11pm and nobody was to blame as Kelana is so far from Wangsa. Anyway,i am glad that she came all the way to fetch me there. The schedule that day was kinda hectic as we need to go to Great Eastern mall before going to Cineleisure and back before 4.45pm. Having my brunch at Cozy place(if not mistaken but am sure there's the COZY word). Food was tasty but the weird thing is not even a student there except me and Fuckee. I kept looking around see if there's ones but i failed. You guys could give it a try cuz da price is reasonable, foods are great so do the ambience.

Next thing was we rush to Cineleisure. Tadaa~we reached without lost.*appl
ause* It was 2p.m and WE WERE SO DAMN LATE. I was afraid that all the nice dresses were grab by others (Kan Cheong moment). LOL. First i thought there won't be lotsa people as i think nobody would know manatau i was wrong. It's freaking lotsa people like evacuees everywhere besides it reminds me of the times when i apply for PTPTN. I waited for 1 hour and 30 minutes with my high heel and my legs are killing me. The whole process is just a waste of time as i just got two tops. *sobbing* While paying i saw others with 5 to 12 dress/tops/skirts/shoes/belts maybe pants. I wondered how could they get so many nice dress while i saw none. Maybe they are the real shopaholics( Searched, Flipped and Grabbed that's what a shopaholic great at). Nevermind mid-season sale is around the corner....AHHHHHH!*thrilled*

There's something more important, for the 91',90',89',88' and 87' babies get 50 percent discount at New zealand Natural. So damn worth it as i bought 2 scoop of large ice-cream i get 2 Jr. scoop for FREE. Besides, i get additional Jr. scoop. LALALA...due to some reasons.
Private and confidential.
I know you're salivating *yum yum*

As usual, i went Murni to have my dinner but actually is supper cuz i had it at 12 midnight. If you wanna stalk me then just go there.
Just kidding =)

P/S: Someone admire me that i can shop as my test is near. Awesome.

1 May 2009

Just another random day as FOM is tomorrooow so gotta study,study and what's more? STUDY lah! Had a bad night cuz am having nightmares. Insufficient sleep.

2 May 2009

So nervous,test started at 9am and i can't even remember a single thing. As far as i know, all the chapters are related to 4 p's . Good luck for me.

Tick~tock~tick~tock (tong~tong~tong) Cinderella left her shoes right after the clock struck 12 midnight and went home right? But my case is almost the same. Why say so? Cuz when the clock struck 11am i left my test paper and went home. Same, no?

Bye, TARC!

Kajang,here i come! Finally,i get to eat this yummilicious satay. I ate 9 as i am so proud of it cuz i defeat Fuckee who only ate 8 of it. I love the daging ones. Still remember how it taste in my mouth.*drool*

Hello,Port Dickson!

I hate sitting inside the car for hours as it makes me feel so sleepy plus dizzy. I feel so bad if i sleep when the driver needs to drive for hours. See, i am so good! Complement me,pleaassseeee. Reached PD at 7pm. Although is getting late but i could see tons of people camp there. I couldn't even wait for 1 second to rush towards the beach. Oh god, i love beaches! The best place to relax and seriously i need it as i just finish my TEST. Phew~free like a bird.

P/S: My friend saw a momo on the way to (and fro) Port Dickson. Supa scary. Luckily,I couldn't see.*whistling in joy*

3 May 2009

Nothing special.

4 May 2009

Waited for Fuckee to come back so that i can have my brunch. Then went Murni at night to drink Teh tarik (use LIPTON one leh). After that,we went back home to sleep.( Z _ Z )

♥♥♥Home sweet home♥♥♥♥

5 May 2009

Went KlCC. Hmpp...i think is counted as special.Know why? Cuz i haven't been there for months( 1 month) so does Pavillion.*sobbing*

Can i show off something? Surely i can cuz this is my blog.*tongue sticking out* I haven't shop for a month. Envy? Jealous? Suddenly i feel so proud of myself. Thanks everyone for supporting me through these hard days.Meh~

Shit things do happen sometimes. I spotted this Zara cute high waist skirt and i named it pumpkin as it looks so much alike the pumpkin shape. I was like i am so going to get it even though it's over the price which i could afford. Then i tried on it and was so excited thinking that i finally found this skirt that i crave since decades ago(just months ago). Asked for a smaller size,to my horror the skirt left M size(3 pieces).M is too large for me if not I'll buy it too.Sad!=(

Celebrate Angeline belated birthday at Kim Gary. As a Kim member on your birthday you get 50 percent discount.Wee~i love discount. It sounds like auntie when i said i love discounts.*sigh*
Maybe i am. I am getting older each and every year. WTF!!!!T_______T

6 May 2009

I just couldn't stand it anymore. Why is this happening to me? Why? I just couldn't forget about that cute lil pumpkin(da "pumpkin" skirt). My mind keep reminding me about Her. Maybe she's too gorgeous to be forgot. Arghhh~ I hate myself when i want something so badly. So, i went to pavillion early in the morning. 10am to me is supa early cuz i sleep till 12pm almost everyday. Don't be jealous.

Search ,search and search....nope this and nope for that.

Fuckee suggest that i ask the salesgirl if there's any of the skirt and yep there's is but we need to wait for
a week! What? A Wee-eeeek? Yeap! True, according to her KLCC is always the first to recieve the stock. Wh-whh-y? Why KLCC? Maybe the best way is for me to forget about "Pumpkin".

Bye bye,pumpkin!

I am going back to my hometown today so how am i going to buy it? I just don't have the luck.*sigh*

P/S: So sorry that i didn't upload most of the pic as they're all at Fuckee place .Will upload asap. (I freaking hate it when my mobile phone can't function well.)

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