Monday, May 4, 2009

Wh-wh-what like that also can?

Been lazy to blog lately.

That's me!

I'm back! The lazy me.

So,what you waiting for?Greet me,of course! What? What do you mean by saying how to greet me? Tell me that you welcome me for coming back.Cis~

As always I love crapping,so please let me crap for once.*puppy eyes*

I wanna tell you why I've been so lazy recently.
First,I just finished my test the day before yesterday so it is like after you've stop blogging for a long period is so hard for you to blog back.(Well,that's my point of view)

Second,to blog about something you need to brain storm right? Recall back what had happened yesterday,the day before yesterday, last week or last month.

Third,typing consume time. So,after exam i need to relax(sleep) that's why I'm so lazy to blog. Is not my fault.

Apparently,there's always reasons for a person to be lazy just know...ME,the lazy blogger. Different case for shopping. Tee~hee~hee~

Love always,

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