Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Juicy girl

Had been lazy to blog lately, dunno why. So my blog post is going to be short.=)

Anyway,here's my
pink timepiece.Hope you guys do think she's pretty.

Only few pictures i have taken but i will only post one of the pictures and i seriously need a camera now cos my mobile phone is just 5mp as now we can get a cam phone with 8mp. The differences is a lot. Ughh...=(

Here's her!

I love her...

FYI my mobile phone had gone mad nowadays as i can't even see the screen. My peers told me is because of the light and seriously i need to repair it but i won't cos if i repair it here i need to use my own money so why not i just wait till i went back my hometown? Smart isn't it?

love always,


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