Monday, April 20, 2009

Everyday's a movie day

Phew...It's going to be 12a.m but not really just 11.45p.m and i just round off. Oh god, suddenly feel like watching movie again.

So,text E to bring me and Fuckee to watch The Unborn. Reached mid-valley about 12.15 and what so interesting was Quiksilver Fashion show but it's just a rehearsal. Spectacular though. It reminds me so much of Nine West fashion show that i missed cos of going back to ma hometown.*sobbing* We were late but still we can watched it. I was like Fuckee do you know that we are late for the movie? The movie is 12.15a.m and now it's 12.20a.m. Finally,she walked.

The movie was really scary but it's so funny when i saw the old man turned his head 180 degree.LOL. You guys should really watch this movie.

Supper after movie.Hmmp...I know i'm so tamjiak. Went to NZ for the tempting fried ice cream.*drool*

me with my "tamjiak" face



  1. I was at the Quiksilver Showcase lol. I want to watch Coming Soon. Should be quite scary gua.

  2. my friends told me that it was a lousy movie so i think it's not worth watching