Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heaven , here i come!

Actually i am saying pavillion.Teeheehee

Pavillion is having sales these days and i don't know until when so don't ask me about that.I was shocked when i saw FCUK is having 50% and i spotted one singlet cost around Rm110 so in love with it.

I'm broke this month*announced*

Yet i still get to buy something at Forever21.Not bad right? Pavillion always have the things that i crave for long so i can say that it's like heaven for me.

A knit top/tunics tube from forever21.
Sexy garter belt from La senza.Love it or Hate it?

I just buy it for fun cos it is so pinkish, cute and yet SEXY. I crave for it long time ago hoping that i could get it at a lower price and now i get it.Before that it was Rm79 now i got it for Rm35.40.Isn't that great? Most of the things at La Senza is on sales and moreover it is 40%.Girls you all should go Pavillion right away.

P/S:Can't wait until 26 march for confession of a shopaholics.

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