Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girls' day out

Finally Fuckee is back.*pop the champagne* Usually when fuckee is around my schedule would be fully booked cos we went shopping when we have the free time.Aren't we use our time wisely?

This week i went Pavillion three days in a row.Three days?Ya,absolutely right.I feel like me getting jackpot.Even my housemate,Sean said that Pavillion is da only place we will go.In fact it is untrue cos i went to every shopping centre but Pavillion surely will be my first choice. God created Pavillion so that we girls won't get bored.TRUE!

I surely would do one thing at Pavi that is never missed the great Forever21 and i need at least 3 hours there.That is the minimum time i took at there and i always get to buy something.woo~hoo~

Today is a bit differ from usual cos i also went to Times square hoping that i will found a suitable timepiece for myself.*sigh* Unlucky me, spoilt my own watch because wearing my baby watch to swim.Should have known earlier that it is just the normal water resistance.

I spotted two watches,one is FCUK and the other is GUESS.Which should i choose? So confusing...If i have the money i absolutely would buy JUICY COUTURE but i didn't have cos i am broke this month.WTF to the maximum.

Having my dinner at Gasoline(one of my fav).Oh...before that i went to Pepper Lunch...i love the ambiance,food was great and i have the greatest service ever at there.Just love it.By the way,having Haagen-Dazs at night was great.=p

Caution:This food is extremely DELICIOUS!

That's all for today.Will update soon.XD

P/S:Tomorrow will be meeting my dear...full of excitement.

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