Sunday, March 8, 2009

M.A.C Hello Kitty

Today is one of my best day ever cos i am going to meet my dear at mid valley.Oh god can't wait till that moment to reach.*exciting*

Oops...seems like i forgot something much more important than that.Know what is so freaking important? That's my result is coming out today.OH NO! When Celine called i start to freak out. I scared i fail my FOA a.k.a fundamental of accounting. Seems like god know that i put in effort for this subject so i didn't fail.Oh my effing god, i couldn't believe my own ears that i ask Celine like a million or billion times to confirm about it. Maybe she is a little bit piss off, maybe not. I didn't care much cos i pass.Woo~hoo~maybe this is because i went to Pavillion three days in a row made me have the luck to pass.Who knows!

I meet dear at 2p.m and had our brunch at Long John Silver's and i like it very much but uhh...the service was worse.Why can they actually hire such workers when they made us look like we owe them money?Do they think twice? Argh... haters... ! Dear always said that i am greedy cos i order lot of food and i can't finish it but this time i am so successful.I ordered myself a deep fried shrimp and clam chowder*yummy* whereas dear ordered grilled chicked _______.I forgot the name.+_________+

I NEED FOODDDdddddddddd!!!!

This month is totally my month.I get the opportunity to go to M.A.C hello kitty event and by coincident.I am so lucky. At 3p.m,they give out HK ballons and dear take for me.He is such a good boyfriend.*sayang sayang*

And some picture that i took.


Cute Kitty!!

Headband from Diva.I crave for long that i finally get it.

Some japanese titbits.<3>
Night people!

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