Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back to my so-called College Life

First day back to college was a totally disaster for me as i am that kinda girl who love only shopping and sleeping.So,studying are absolutely not for me.

This year i will be taking two tough subject(i think so) Fundamentals of Marketing(FOM) and Economics Statistics(ES).I hate ES as it is too tough for me and it is the combination of statistics(additional maths) and economics.

First, i thought i could handle it well but when i saw the notes i was like oh my effing god. All the symbol we saw in add maths was change all over with those weird symbol such as beta.Gotta hung myself up soon.

Even my lecturer say that the title was BOMBASTIC . Ugh...i knew it was tough but i wish he didn't tell me that.Never!

I knew i would never made it.I am totally in this situation.T.T

*P/s:Pavillion have sales!So going there.

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