Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WTF to the maximum !!! Bad day for batgirl!

It supposed to be a happy driving journey for me until dad a.k.a papae wanted so much to go TESCO to buy that fucking Roti Kopi! Maybe today just isn't my day.

Everytime i drive my dad will just sit beside me because he doubt my driving skill saying that i know how to speed but didn't know how to brake.WTF WTF WTF *to the infinity*. I admit that i love speeding because mata won't catch us for speeding at alor setar(so what should i care so much). Hmm...such good cop they have been!

Keep sidetracking.*sigh* Back to the topic.

Reached TESCO and miracle thing happened to me as i forgot to turn off the car dumbfuck
light as ALWAYS. My dad always scold me for that and when i am pissed off i will scold him back without hesitation. Actually my dad is kinda a great,funny,good-hearted and cute dad.You would be asking why i said so right? Everytime he scolded us he would regret about it and feel sorry to us and he would like pretend to buy something for you so that to befriend with you. I love my dad with all my heart. Mummy don't be jealous ya?

ugh...sidetracking again!

I need to wait for 10 minutes for my uncle to save us. "Save the
Cheerleader Jenn save the world!" What? 10 minutes is so damn important you know as some of us can just earn thousands or billions (cut the crap)but sorry my 10 minutes is worth nothing except for sleeping and shopping.

This is my new fedora bought at Langkawi.

P/S:Got myself a brand new spec so will be updating ya all.

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