Monday, February 23, 2009

Kitty is coming to rock our town!!


Feeling bitchy? Sassy? Wild? Innocent? Now you just need to share your feeling and be well prepared to win MAC hello kitty prices (Isn't that great?).They will also entered one of their Grand Prizes and be there and win it.Anyway,thanks MAC for giving us such benefits and understand us consumer who love Hello Kitty the Pussy Cat so much by using Hello Kitty as your theme. Are you ready to Share N Win?

First you will saw something like this and you are needed to choose your country.If your country name isn't there just click OTHERS.
Then click on which your mood are today!So,i am kinda bitchy recently so i picked that.=P

After that you will get to see the result.

Isn't that so easy?Just a few clicks and you are so ready to win.
Click here and prepared to WIN it!

MAC hello kitty ad

Lve at first sight!

P/s:Thanks skypipii for providing such important info to me!*applause*

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