Sunday, February 22, 2009

so miss my baby dear!

Hmm,it's like been month i haven't get close to my dear.*sobbing*

All dear's fault cos he study at Shah Alam (a million miles away from me!). I can't even dare to think that he's going to US to study for 3 years.*sigh* So,this year i am going to give him a BIG SURPRISE(really BIG i mean) for his birthday. It's a need my bestie once told me.

-The first time i celebrate his birthday with him was completely screw-up.Know why?We
argue cos of the stupid fork that he meant to share together and i acting like a dumbfuck thinking that he don't want to let me eat the cake.WTF

-Second time i take no action,no pressie,no cake,no birthday song(he love most) and yes a text from me with a big HAPIE BUFDAY for him.Just that, nothing more.

-Third time is kinda okay cos i bring him to petaling street and i teman him for the whole day.*LOL*.And he always remind me that i really give him a big surprise on his birthday.FTW you know what he really means.

I am not that kinda person who will do something for my the other half but i am now improving myself to be a better girlfriend.Yes,you didn't see it wrongly.

He is my property so hands and eyes off.Well,actually you can look.
He is my cute lil baby J
*p/s:i'm too ugly to show my face!

You all have any idea what i should do? I need your HELP!

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