Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitty lappie for kitty lover

It's a great morning for everyone as a series of Hello kitty lappie has come to town.(months ago) Isn't that great?

Nec teamed with sanrio to produce this cute notebook for Hello Kitty lover.Oh my effing is supar cute!
This lappie is bling-bling'd by 299 Austria’s Swarovski Crystals.This lappie has in both black or pink color but i personally prefer it in pink.
This is another lappie produce by NEC which is NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges Edition Laptop commemorates the 30th Anniversary of Sanrio's hallmark kawaii kitty brand with a custom silk-screened lid and external optical drive, wallpapers, and well pinkness. NO Swarovski crystals but it is as nice as the previous ones.
Note:It also come with grey color.

It's worth reading ma blog!Right?


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