Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phlook the greatest !


Phlook is a new website set up by singaporean and its photosharing innovated! Now we can conveniently email the photos directly via interfaces!

Advantages of using Phlook:-

1)You do not need to resize your picture and resizing picture is just so annoying. Don't you think so?

2)Photo posted on Phlook can be embedded easily back to your blog or website
that you want.

3)You can track photo's viewership,zoom the photo and grabbed embedded easily.

You can now enjoyed adding notes or annotations in the photos!! Whoa~whoa~whoa~ I know that is so fetch!

5)There are also "storyboard slideshow" empowering you to display NOT JUST PHOTO but MULTIPLE ALBUMS on your blog or website.

6)With Phlook you can sell your photo and they will help you to put them up for sale within minutes.

7)Now it is available for Facebook too!

So,try it out now buddy!

CLICK HERE to link to Phlook!
CLICK HERE to link to Phlook!
CLICK HERE to link to Phlook!

Click on the "pic that have + notes" to see what i write and leave note on my pic if you like...feel free to do so ....enjoy it guys!!

Me and fuckee trying to look as GEEKY as possible!!!

(Sheh mei, Fuckee , Jenn) I look like i'm getting an ugly tanning!WTF

That's right! C.A.C.A.T.E.D US!!!

That's my Phlook Badge, so get your Phlook Badge TODAY!


CLICK HERE to create yours!

Win a trip to Venus! by Phlook

Descend upon Phlook Habitat to give Phlook a kiss and you could win a return trip to Venus. Yes,you didn't see it wrongly! Duh, I'm fucking seriously telling you right now.Here’s how it works:

1. Come to Phlook Habitat (32 Wallich Street #02-60 Singapore 078880, beside Tanjong Pagar MRT) on 14th Feb 2009, 10am – 6pm, and give them a kiss. (They promise to kiss you back.)

2. Take a photo of said kiss.

3. Upload the photo to Phlook and embed it back to your blog.

4. Leave a comment in this post of your kissed-Phlook blog post’s url from 15th Feb onwards (They will based this on the comments' time stamp).

Win a Return Trip to Venus


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