Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am so going to Langkawi!

See this is what i planned.

Friday headed to jeti then stay one night at Langkawi and i get to celebrate my V day!

Congrats me that I finally found my partner. *cheers*

Sorry baby, gonna celebrate my V day with other, that is Von. Don’t get mad ya?

2 kisses for you! Cos being such a understanding baby...

See, i am such a good girlfriend.

I think my plan to celebrate V day at Langkawi is so freaking perfect.Love it!

Help me by choosing which you think is more suitable.

Thanks a lot and I would appreciate it very much.

A tree top chalet is something like this.(Rm180)

And, this is a normal ones.(Rm120-Rm180)

My journey is something like that.

-underwater world

-cable car

-reggae bar

-seashell beach cafe

-shop for bikini

-shop for chocolate

Ahhh...can’t wait to go Langkawi.

Langkawi,here I come!

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