Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pic to game


You can upload any photo that you like or even from any webpage as long as the pic is in JPG,GIF or PNG file and the max size is 6mb.

The most important is you can kick anyone you hate hard in the ass!*wicked laugh*

See mine. So cute right?
I am totally into this game.

Try it out and you will know how satisfied you will be.

Kick me,Biatch!Don't be jealous cos i'm hot and sexy!

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Yippie~my score is 408! Beat ma score if you think you are better than me!Doubt that you can...heeheehee

V day prezzie from me to everyone.*devilish smile*
Peak-a-boo time!Catch me by kissing me!
This is how you play:

Use the luscious lip icon to kiss me as more as possible in order to collect marks and kiss the pinky clock so that it will help you to increase your time.Try to avoid kissing the evil devil as it will decrease your marks.
Good luck!Try to beat my score-109


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Great prezzie right?Told you so.

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