Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tanjung Dawai

It's like so happening that my aunt called me to join her to Tanjung Dawai!*on cloud nine*
The journey to there was quite tiring. It took forever for me to reach there but worth it.=p

I love sea!
And..Oh! There's a SEA..... the crystal clear water(not really) making me desperately wanted to jump in it...the breeze beating my face...aww...just imagine it...

Pantai Merdeka is just opposite Tanjung Dawai. Saw?
You just need Rm2 to reach Pantai Merdeka. Happy?

WEE! Everybody, TO THE SEA!

I love seafood too!
I love the most is the mantis prawn! Gigantic and juicy! I even took a picture of it.
I know what's playing on your mind!The mantis prawn is_________

My grandma drowned a fly.*cool*

We told her that she is cruel.
She replied:"Dia suka sangat nak makan.Ho e chiak ka pa!" (means It like to eat so much so let it eat till it's full!)

I can't imagine if one day we use back the same plate.I would like OMEG!

Can't stop eating so no picture for the rest of the food that are ordered.
After paying the bill, I was shocked! Know what? The food cost us nine Rm50 notes , one Rm5 note and two Rm2 notes.

Cheh! Not my money so i didn't care much about it.

I forgot something! Tanjung Dawai is famous for it salted fish(my fav) and anchovy. My grandma bought some. I realised that salted fish is so costly nowadays.The salted fish range about Rm10 to Rm23.I know I look like an aunty right now but I'm sharing with you all. I know I'm such a good person!*applause*

I truly love it!

Variety choice!

-The End-

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