Saturday, December 27, 2008

Italiannies for christmas eve

Me and Ning decided to celebrate Christmas at Sunway. To me, I think it is totally not fun if only two people are going there to celebrate. So, i planned to have Italiannies for Christmas eve. A special menus for that day ranging from RM55to RM75 enough for two.<3
Going shopping next, and i found out this new shop in Sunway , KITSCHEN. The clothes and everything is in reasonable price and everybody could afford it and btw it's PRETTY!

Countdown! Shit, it was damn crowded and i started to get bored. We plan to go clubbing that night but wtf that night was so fucking expensive even barcelona(i hate going place that has a lot of ah beng and ah lian) and also failed to go coco banana + euphoria. And planned to go further , reach QUATTRO! suddenly three of us didn't feel like going in.*sob*

Hope next christmas won't be that boring.*sigh*

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